• Daily Living Skills Training

    • Daily Living Skills Training provides education and skill development or training support the child's or youth's ability to independently perform routine daily activities and effective use community resources.

  • Mentoring

    • Mentoring services improve the child's or youth's abilities to interact in their community in socially advantageous ways.

  • Respite Care​

    • Respite​ care services maintain and strengthen the child's or youth's natural supports by easing the daily stress and care for their family, or other primary caregiver(s) on a short-term basis.

  • It is our goal to also: 

    • Create and maintain stable households

    • Keep families in tact

    • Allow kids to avoid juvenile detention

    • Increase positivity

    • Better behaviors and outcomes in school

    • Gives youth an additional level of support – learning life skills, positive coping abilities to work through challenges, building confidence

Boys at School

County Services

  • CPS (Child Protective Services)

  • CCS (Comprehensive Care Services)

  • CLTS (Child Long Term Service)

  • Juvenile Justice